Be a fly on the wall!

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a fly on the wall as you and others go about your day? The things that they must see!
I like to think that as they sit there they are in quiet contemplation about life and their next move. The enormity of what goes on around them would scare the living daylights out of me if our roles were reversed. But the fly continues to go on unfazed. Meditating it seems and allowing things to unfold naturally in front of him. Being an observer of human life.
We can be quite the opposite. We allow life to suck us in, to get drawn into the situation and the details. We live in a world that promotes stress and anxiety and gives us lots of reasons to get into these states. Suffering is an everyday occurrence for many. And joy is sometimes hard to find.
Your reality though is up to you. Your natural human state is joy and peace.
You can be more like the fly on the wall as opposed to the flurry of activity and emotions in the room. Take time each day to reflect on yourself. Step back and right away from situations as if you are high above looking down. What truthfully is happening? Where am I when I create stress? What about this makes me feel uncomfortable?
Since having this realization myself, I have become very clear about what I want to be involved in and what I don’t want to be involved in. Who I want to be around and who I don’t want to be around. Sometimes after interacting with people, I walk away feeling suffocated and tense. I now don’t make it a priority to be with these people. Some situations I have been in, in the past, I have left questioning myself and worrying about what everyone thought and feeling dissatisfied altogether. I don’t make it a priority to be in these situations if the choice is mine. But I also know what experiences I walk away from feeling uplifted and totally inspired by. So I in turn purposely put myself in more of these encounters. I know we do not always have control over this, particularly in our workplace so I do have other strategies to ensure you can still thrive when you are not in an optimal setting or person.
But I got to this learning by basically SHUTTING UP. Or to put it more nicely, being a quiet presence…like a fly on the wall. Rather than the fly buzzing around everyone from person to person, getting all flustered and stressed. BE STILL. GET CURIOUS. Start getting to know your triggers super well. You need to be an expert on yourself. And you cannot become an expert on who you truly are if you are constantly caught up in a whirlwind of activity and distractions and always ready to react to the next thing that happens.
Set yourself up in FLY on the wall MODE.
State your intention to yourself. ‘Right now, I am an observor of my life.’
Be still and quiet and watch.
If a judgement or criticism or a desire to react comes by… DO NOT focus on it.
THINK…observor…fly on the wall. Just say in your head, "Mmmm, interesting. Oooh fascinating."
You are conducting a research. Possibly the

most important research EVER!
Operation: Getting to Know Myself.
If you want to boost this experience. GO observe an animal or a baby. They are experts in the area of just being. Observe their joy. Not much has to happen to bring them content. You were like this once too. And you can create this state for yourself again!
Love and light my little flies.