Be aware of who you idolize!

First up my apologies for this less than warm and fuzzy post and for the curse words used.
I am all about surrounding yourself with a tribe that lifts you up. A tribe that you need to stand on your tippy toes to keep up with. This is important face to face. Finding people who are in alignment with who you are and who you are becoming. For me this is soul centered people. People who truly care. People who want you both to grow and develop. People who are filled with integrity and see things through. People who are the same privately, publicly and personally. People who are authentic. People who are better than me. People who deepen me.
Therefore there is nothing more cutting to me than someone who does not practice what they preach, who say or promote one thing and then do another. Whether it be in their work, or their relationship, or their health or how they raise their kids or the lifestyle they lead. I remember a nutrition expert I met a few years ago who told me she was still in the habit of getting up at midnight and snacking on junk food!!! Come on!
I have experienced many people like this in my life and I soon close those doors. Be authentic with us or go home and figure out how to be!
I also encourage people to follow people online who are supporting their self growth and feeling good. I follow many coaches and entrepreneurs and healers and health experts and doctors and fitness freaks and all sorts as I am sure many of you do too. Many of these leaders have hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers. However you can imagine my absolute disgust and disappointment to discover that one of these people who I listen to on his podcast weekly and follow his social media closely to the point that I would admit I was idolizing him and his work and his business and his relationship has been leading a double life. Without going into details he was all about living and loving greatly but was actually cheating on his lady with multiple women all at once. I was heart broken to have been following someone so inauthentic and so fake for over a year that it has been dominating my thoughts for a few days of how I could allowed myself to fall for it all. How can people put out to the universe such bullshit? And what is worse is when you read people’s posts about their bullshit life and work and see the multitude of comments from innocent people who are worshiping or praising these people for such amazing messages and reminders who are in reality being manipulated and played. This really upsets me (as you can tell).
So please call yourself out if this applies to you (which it probably won’t be because you are here reading this blog and therefore freakin awesome). Because if it is and you don’t change your ways, someday people will see though your dishonesty and falsehoods and it will not be pretty. As this fraud of a man is now finding out.
But more importantly my dear readers, this is what I want you to take from this.
Don’t make the mistake I did and idolize anyone and accept their word as gold.
Don’t let others influence you so much without the real life examples and evidence to back it up. And I don’t just mean a pic of it. Actual true marks of sincerity.
Do your research.
Educate yourself on many people’s opinions.
Get to know people if possible in real life and if you can’t, see what a collection of others who do know are saying.
Take it all with a grain of salt. Even this piece you are reading.
Just grow in your awareness.

Idolize only something greater than ourselves as humans. Nature. God. Buddha. Universe.
Follow people online but don’t follow them in real life.
Be the leader of your life.
Rant over.
Warm fuzzies to follow in next post I promise. xx