Conquering yourself!

I was lucky to get some green therapy this weekend.
Climbing to the Hakarimata Summit is challenging but the mental clarity I gain is worth it.
However a year ago I was climbing to the summit 10 minutes faster. A year ago I weighed less than I am now and was about to run a half marathon.
NOW once upon a time these facts would have set my mind into a series of unkind and self-defeating conversations. But this is not where I went this weekend. Instead I said "It’s ok Bex. Just be better than you used to be." BUT hang on!!! This is not the case if I look at these facts. Physically and fitness wise I used to be better. So what does this mean for me???
If I tell you I have lost weight and gained some.
If I tell you I found love and then experienced heartbreak.
If I tell you I secured some clients and lost some clients.
What do both you and I do with this information? What judgements do I create? What judgements do you create?

For me? I choose. I choose truth. The truth I decide to believe in despite the facts and the evidence not necessarily backing me up is that…
I AM a better person than a year ago.
I feel fantastic in my body.
I feel strong and flexible.
I feel love within me.
I have beautiful clients who are transforming their lives.
My TRUTH is whatever I declare it be. Don’t let a negative mindset dictate what your life looks like today. These are lies.
We create meaning out of everything. Sometimes this is appropriate but a lot if the time it is not necessary at all and leads to suffering.
Instead ask your soul deep within you. What is the truth for me that is supportive and kind and leads you towards freedom? What truths will help me to conquer myself?
I AM beautiful.

I AM enough, old enough, young enough, wise enough.
I AM healthy.
I AM happy.
I AM at peace with this.
Remember like I have said before. You may not believe this yet because your ego will search for the evidence that may not back this up. Ignore this.
Say your truth over and over and soon your reality will manifest into what your new, deep, beautiful truth is.