Do you celebrate your wins?

Everyday something goes our way!
Everyday something goes well for us!
Everyday we experience good stuff!
You might be thinking that nothing ever goes your way and nothing ever turns out right. Everyone who is in this mindset will be fantastic at finding things in their life to add to their ‘My Life Sux’ file. I too have had days and weeks like this. And yes fair enough sometimes you have every right to feel low and not enthusiastic about your life and feeling sorry for yourselves. But at some point you have to realize that you need to rescue yourself from this mindset. Staying there is never going to bring you some wins and good stuff!
Start making this your purpose to look for these moments in your life! I guarantee there will be some if not plenty! I am not talking about huge celebrations like winning a dream job or a 50th wedding anniversary or a prestigious award etc. I am talking about small things like a good nights sleep, getting to your appointment on time, a friendly smile from a stranger, your car starting in the morning, your clothes drying on the clothesline, finishing a book, getting through a meal with no children arguing, everyone being healthy in your home this day, someone giving way to you in the traffic, getting green lights…
In my mindset these are all wins! How can you celebrate the good stuff? Choose to focus on these wins over the shit that is not going your way. Stop for a moment, acknowledge that this is going well for you in your mind and say thank you to the universe or god or whomever higher being you believe in. Write it down in your gratitude journal. Share it with a friend. Then stay away from social media! It will try to
drag you away from your buzz. Do something that will feed your buzz.

After a week of wins you may choose to celebrate on a larger scale beyond your
presence and your journaling. This might be a home cooked dinner or a wee bunch of
flowers or paint your nails or a relaxing bath or a phone call to a good friend and acknowledge yourself and your life. ‘This is to a beautiful and winning week!’
Commit to seeing these wins. This will change your life! You will see more and more things going your way! Stay disciplined and stick to it.