Finding the strength in my Feminine

This last week has been one we will never forget as New Zealanders. One where a darkness swept over our nation in the blink of an eye last Friday afternoon. Our hearts break for the victims and their families and we mourn their huge loss. We look to each other for love and support and we look to our leaders for guidance and direction.
Our Prime Minister has led us with the most powerful and humbling presence and the feminine energy she has brought to has been commended world wide. Often as women we hide our femininity due to the meaning of weakness and powerless especially in leadership positions and even in general life. But the natural feminine energy is anything but these. It is nurturing and understanding, tenderness and kindness, sensitivity and allowing. These are powerful feminine behaviours and ones that we have witnessed with such grace in recent days. These are behaviours that feel authentic to so many of us but in a world where traditional masculine traits are what are expected, it becomes a very brave act to be a genuine feminine.

But this does not just apply in leadership. This also applies in our workplaces and our homes and in our relationships. Compassion and understanding are needed more than ever but often we oppress our natural energies to appear strong and not be a mat to be walked over and to match the energy being presented to us. But if it is not a true expression of who we are, we know it and things don’t often have the outcome we are longing for.
We need to have the courage to tap into our feminine more and allow it to flow and to touch the hearts of those around us. There is absolutely a time and a place for masculine and feminine qualities but it is like most things in life about finding harmony between the two and ensuring that both of these energies come to surface in their natural form and not in the form of wounded energies such as dominance and manipulation. Come from a healthy perspective no matter where you are and with good intentions and you will be able to see the power that lies within you. You will find the beautiful strength that resides within. Just as we are seeing this in our countries leader at present.