How are you right now?

I recently experienced the most wonderful feeling in the whole, entire world! A feeling where time stood still. A feeling where I felt formless and completely out of body.
This was the feeling of absolute bliss, happiness, joy! And you know what, I experienced this multiple times a day over a series of days! And better again, nothing huge happened in my life to get into this state. No evidence suddenly showed up of any changes in my physical or material circumstances. But best of all, I have been able to experience this feeling repeatedly whenever I want to since learning this a few weeks ago.
Getting into peak state is not hard. You can do it too! It makes such a difference to your day and your way of being. It creates a powerful impact on the work you do and the decisions you make. How often do we make important choices when we feel not so great or in a lesser state than desired. I always ask my clients to resist the urge to make any big life decisions until they feel good and well again. Otherwise we often have regrets and feel more unsettled.
So the recipe for getting into peak state is so simple and something you can easily do everyday, many times a day. You will need to have affirmations that you have created that are true and connected to you deeply written down. You need excellent music that lifts you up. So create a playlist of fun, dance music to easily access.
Next create space where you can unleash your inner aerobic instructor! Put on your music and jump around. Move like your life depends upon it. And if this is not something you like to do, push yourself to do this. Unless you are happy to have the same emotions and results that you have always had then don’t try this. Once you have got your heart racing and your body all warmed up (for at least 5 minutes) start saying your affirmations out loud and use your body to really engage with what you are saying. Slap your chest with your hand, reach for the sky, pump your fists in the air. Jump up and down! Have fun, laugh at yourself. Get passionate about who you truly are!
Yes this is it. You can build on this more and more. Including goals and your mission. the key is to have great energy, move your body while stating the truth about you. You say it with such certainty and strength that nobody can get in your
way and you can do anything that you put your mind too.

I make time for this at least once if not twice every day because it makes such a difference. My day flows better. My mindset is healthier. If something doesn’t go my way, I go straight to my reset button and prime myself again to a better state.
So there you have it, the answer to feeling so damn good. Despite all of our circumstances, we can be happy.