I cannot explain the depths of your heart!

I am likely to cry at life. I am a highly sensitive person which means the tears flow easily. So I used to be ashamed of this about myself and wonder what was wrong with me. I felt everything too much. So I adjusted my life to stop so much feeling getting in. I stopped exposing myself to things that would upset me. But this is hard to avoid at times. But I started to see that I was deviating from the heart of who I was. I tried to be more like the others around me and harden up. And it never worked. In fact it probably got worse.
One of the discoveries I had (through studies, reading, meditation, a gratitude practice, and coaching) was to actually just allow and accept who I was. And to see this as a good thing. I got a taste of how deep my heart was. And then as I grew more into this, nothing else for me will do. So I was getting more in alignment with who I am meant to be. Many of my clients come with frustration at the beginning as they explain a sense of loss of who they are and they have deviated so far from what they always wanted. This happens for many reasons like conforming and sacrifice. Self-doubt and losing control. It is very common within many of us. We get used to life away from our path. We settle but also try hard to preserve what everyone else sees. It becomes a tough life to maintain and may of us end up breaking down in some fashion.
However I have witnessed the beauty of people who are so connected to the heart of themselves and it is the most heart warming thing that I cry. These people have learnt to get tapped in to inspiration and turn it on in their lives so it flows easily. I know we all have the capacity to have hearts so deep that we can all access a sensitivity that moves others, that changes relationships, that brings such powerful thoughts which turn into such wonderfully enhanced experiences, that puts you in the place and space in your life that you had always wished for.

I cannot explain the depths of our hearts. There are no words that can describe somebody in an inspired moment and in love with life. There is no explanation that I can give you about what exactly occurs within me that makes tears flow when I am moved by something.
See your own heart as this bottomless vessel that can lead the way for you to see the power that you have within. There are no limits to what you can think, be and do. Utilize the tools around you to start accessing this part of you that is so excited to come out and play with you and move things in your favour in the best way.