It is your life!

I know that I can have very high expectations of myself and many of you do too. And when I set a goal and I do not achieve it, I used to beat myself up a lot. I have set goals in the past in finances, in health, in relationship and I have failed miserably. When this happened it would almost debilitate me for the rest of the week, month even or possibly longer. It would take a long time to get over the failure and build the desire to start again.
Over time with my training, I have certainly created a much more powerful way of going about things for myself. But I absolutely still experience failure and yes in some big areas of my life. But what I have realized is that, THIS IS MY LIFE!!! I get to make up the rules. It is up to me whether I am deflated or inspired. I get to choose what to do next. And the first thing that I do is press the RESET button on my life. Pressing the reset button gives me a fresh slate to start again. It gives me renewed energy. It gives me perspective about why it may not have worked the first time. It allows me to give myself a time frame that is flexible and always up to me. One I can adjust anytime.
So this reset button I mentioned, how do you find yours and how do you push it?
You reset by stopping. Taking an extended pause in life. A day would be ideal if possible for you. Otherwise try for an evening.
In this time, take away all distractions. Absolutely no social media or emails or phone calls.
Create a tranquil zone away from clutter and mess. Light candles. Diffuse oils.
Get comfortable and cozy.
Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. To alter your energy. Cleanse your thinking.
Then journal:
What can you get grateful for right now?
What lies have you been telling yourself in your past? What has it cost you?
What is your truth? You can do anything! This is YOUR life! Believe it. You are building a new mindset by replacing the old ways and voices with new ones. YOUR TRUTH.
With this more powerful mindset, what results are possible for you? What can you create in your life when you absolutely know for sure that you can do this no matter what?
Create a powerful vision for you. Get creative.
Illustrate your new truths so you can have them on your wall where you can see them all the time.

Meditate on your vision. Imagine it as if it already has happened. I love doing this. I go into the most wildest dreaming and seeing my desires so clearly as if it was my reality. It is so powerful it often brings tears to my eyes.
Listen to something that backs ups your vision and will inspire you. Music, a podcast or an audio book.
Enroll someone you trust in on your renewed vision. Someone who will love and support you no matter what. Talk about it as if it is well underway.
This is your life. Live it on your terms. Set goals and then set them again and then change them and then take steps, make more adjustments. Make it work for you!
I believe in you!