Know your body and love it!

So last year I lost my way a wee bit with my work that I chose. I fell off course and got lost in a job that was not serving me but sucking the life out of me. Yes I choose this and I choose to give my all to this job but most importantly I also CHOOSE to STOP. To give it away and come back to my correct path. How did I know I was off course? I lost my self-care routine almost immediately. I could say I did not have time or energy but if I take complete responsibility here I allowed this to happen. I soon felt the impact emotionally. physically, mentally and spiritually. I gained weight, lost muscle, had little energy and motivation. The day after I finished my job I choose better.

I have worked out almost every day since. My body is getting stronger again and I love it. I can not afford to not exercise. It is that simple. Exercise is not negotiable for this body of mine. I have a body with a lot of muscle when I am fit so as soon as I don’t exercise it turns to fat and my metabolism slows right down. I can sit here thinking oh this really sux! So many people hardly move their bodies and eat crap and hardly gain a kilogram! It’s not fair! But this self-talk changes nothing for me except bring my spirits down and give me a slack as attitude. If I want to be strong and healthy I HAVE TO MOVE MY BODY! No excuses. It is the way it is. I love my body and how it works so hard for me and it deserves that I look after it everyday. So no more whinging and complaining about the cards that we are dealt. See and know your body. Our bodies are so different. Running might work for one person but not another. Currently I am finding tabata workouts suit me as well as doing the steps at my favourite place. Find out what your body needs and RESTORE it today. Once you start you will soon see results and you will fall in love with the process of becoming more of who you are meant to be.