Letting it go.

From the comfort of my cozy bed on a cool autumn morning I can see a magnificent tree out through my window. Each morning I wake up and pull back the curtain to gaze at this majestic creature that nature has produced. Today I noticed that the leaves are starting to fall. Only a couple at a time. it is just the beginning of this tree’s journey of letting go. As I watch I breathe deeply and start thinking of things I can let go too. So many things come to mind…excuses, comments, habits, false notions, complaints, accusations, old stories, beliefs, doubts, uncertainty, limitations, fears, negativity, unwillingness, unworthiness, validation, failures, self-hate, destruction, obligations, despair, sadness, depression, anxiety, illusions, rejections, exclusions and judgements. So much to let go of that it is lucky a gust of wind caught the tree and many leaves fall to the ground to keep up with my endless list. Some of these things are more present than others and some barely come up at all but in some way they are all holding me back or keeping me stuck or just taking up space which blocks new learnings, opportunities and love entering my world. I didn’t go into specifics about which stories or habit or things I was holding onto as I allowed them to drop away. But what a perfect opportunity to allow myself to shed stuff that does not serve me. There are plenty more leaves to fall so plenty more opportunity for me to go onto this meditative space and let go of more crap that enters each day. I have a willingness and that allows a continuous flow of things to leave my body and mind rather than getting blocked. I also take responsibility for this stuff too. They are all mine or were all mine and therefore are up to me and nobody else to send on their way down to the earth to decompose. They definitely all have served a purpose in forming the soil which allows me to be the person I am growing into today but they are no longer necessary to be within me or tied to me. In a few months new buds will burst and I am already contemplating the beauty and abundance and health that will come. There is now room for new growth, new challenges and new relationships. And when the tree is barren and it seems like nothing is happening, we celebrate the moment of stillness for all that it is and accept everything and myself exactly as I am, contented, accepting, peaceful and ready.
Try this meditation for yourself. It is perfect now as the last of the leaves fall to the earth. Watch consciously and allow your stuff to fall away with them. Let go and make room for new and beautiful beginnings.