No more Pity Parties!

Let’s face it sometimes life just doesn’t work out how we had hoped and sometimes life doesn’t work out as we hoped many times in a row and sometimes it feels like life NEVER EVER works out. I know that I have felt this way many times. Certainly not as much as I used to and it is so much easier to snap out of it. But there have been times when I have wanted to set up my own pity party and hang out there for as long as possible. The strange thing is that nobody else wants to hang out there with me and join in the amazing fun of feeling sorry for myself. In fact I think people are actually repelled by these types of events held by others. We have the expectation that people will flock to our sides and dwell on our issues with us but the don’t. And if they do it is oh so temporary before they go back to living their amazing lives.
The world does not stop turning and we should not expect it to because we have a crisis. The fact that the world is always moving is a massive hint that we should stay in action also. The best way to not get stuck is to take action now! So start doing some stuff that is unexpected for you. Throw a dinner party! Join a running group. Participate in some online study. Go for a hike. Volunteer at the animal shelter. The only person you can ever EVER expect to help you get out of your funk is YOU! It is not the responsibility of anyone else! So take down your pity party streamers and pop those deflating balloons. Find a new reason to wake up tomorrow and go after that with all you have got. This is your one chance at life. Make it a damn good party!