Rules and Expectations

A year ago I made some expectations for myself that by the time I turned forty I would be…
– fitter than ever.
– have a successful business that changes many clients lives and that my kids and I can live off.
– to have met the man of my dreams.
So a couple of months ago, something within me started to sink as I realized how unlikely it was that I would even achieve one of my expectations let alone all three!
The result for me was despair, disappointment and even depression.
It became harder to see any successes in my life and easier to see all the fantastic lives everyone else was living.
I felt like a miserable failure…all because I set ridiculous expectations and created rules that only put pressure on me. So the evidence instead showed weight gain, getting a job to make ends meet and not a man in the universe slightly interested.
Life felt sad and lonely and miserable.
I turned 40 last week and not much has changed but I have had to adjust my rules and expectations to be so much kinder and basically set myself up for success no matter what.
I am successful when I wake up and breathe well.
I am successful when I can feel my heart beating

strongly within me.
I am successful by having a roof over our heads.
Yes it is not magic and doesn’t automatically make life amazing and bliss. But over time practicing to expect nothing and create rules that can only equal success and appreciating anything and everything life improves and slowly feels better.
This has been a massive learning for me which allows me to understand my clients so much better and help them to do exactly the same.