See the little things!

Getting present improves your life dramatically!

It is the most simple, easiest and cheapest way to access happiness now. How normal it is for us to slip into negative thinking and seeing everything that is going wrong and noticing all the people who don’t like us as much as we would like or what we should be doing better. If I started a list of what is in my crap file for my life we would be here a while and you would get mighty bored with me quickly. Shit happens a lot maybe even daily and it happens to all of us in different ways in various forms. Some of us deal with it well and some not well and some don’t deal with it at all. When the crap comes flying at me if I am present in my body I can really feel the stirring of the stress and the tightening of my gut and the ill feeling taking over. I then imagine what disease I am creating inside my body as this happens and this is enough for me to snap out of it. I take back the power and the control, breathe well and focus on something better. I decide not to talk to every Tom, Dick and Harry about my messes. Even though this is normal for humans to do. Talk, gossip and spread the toxins to whomever will listen. Oh and you will find listeners who will soak it up, add fuel and then spread it too themselves. This is in no way disregarding the true souls amongst us who we confide in a healthful way who listen with an open heart and hold a pure space for us to pour it out and then help us to move it on. Please know the difference.

Anyway to choose better than the dwelling and the sinking and the worrying what do we do? We look for everything that is good and beautiful and true. We find this easily in children which is where I find a lot of my joy. The simple act of combing my kid’s hair or brushing their teeth. Hearing them sing waiata from school together. Seeing them take pleasure in lighting our candle at dinner time. Snuggling up in the bed to read stories before bed. These are all free and simple. You just need to make time and space for yourself to see these and embrace them. Nothing else is more important in that moment. You can argue with me on this but YOU choose where you give your time and if happiness is your priority then this is the answer.
But you also need to source happiness from other areas in your life too and if you do not have children then this may be more helpful to you. I took my kids to the hot pools on the weekend. There were hydro-slides which my adult self was not interested in on a cold winters day in fact I shivered just thinking about it at home earlier. Walking up all the steps, all wet and in my togs!!! But my better self said get outside your comfort zone and do it. I did. It was so much fun. It was also so beautiful. I was very present with my environment with the beauty of the ferns overhanging the slide and the rich blue sky above and the sounds of delight of others and the adrenalin as you are thrown into the pool at the bottom. I never even noticed the cold. My body was high and warm on fun and nothing else could get to me or upset me. This was bliss!

Another source for happiness was at the park near us which is brand spanking new. Seeing the adults actually have a go at the equipment. They were succumbed by their curiosity and allowing their egos to get out of the way. The laughter there was awesome! Another is a neighbours cat has started visiting. She is white and oh so furry with light blue eyes. Such a stunning creature to watch and to touch. And she answers when you talk to her! How could I not enjoy her company?
How easy it could be to miss all this and have my head somewhere else or down to my phone or caught up in adult stuff. The little things are everywhere. All you need is to be present in your life and start making it a MASSIVE priority to look for the good stuff. I promise you will become happier and happier!