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Individual Sessions

Some people like to take it one session at a time.

For those of you who prefer the flexibility of your sessions but still want to transform their life into something filled with happiness and contentment.

Leadership That Matters

This is a six hour workshop which is time for YOU to work on your abilities and skills to be a great leader moving forward. We build on your identity as a leader and help you stand on solid ground as you move forward positively within your role. 

There are four sessions that make up the day:

Session 1: is about understanding where you are and where you would like to be in your leadership. Acknowledging the good skills already within you and those you would like to develop further

Session 2: is about building a strong foundation for you to stand on including the values you have or desire as a leader, your mission and how you will communicate these to your team and others. 

Session 3: is about the influence you can create with your team moving forward. Looking at your thoughts, words, actions and how they can be developed further to create a positive and courageous culture where everyone feels respected and belongs. 

Session 4: is about trusting yourself as a leader when the going gets touch, building emotional competencies and having a killer game plan to implement during the overwhelming and challenging times. 

The exciting part for you is that now that I have partnered up with RBP, this workshop can be funded by Regional Business Partners Capability Fund. Find out how to register your business and see if you are eligible by going to the following website:


Relationship Breakthrough Retreat

Come together for 3 hours and transform your relationship! 

We work through: 

  • Love Languages
  • Values
  • Mission/Purpose
  • Gender Health

Venue – Rimu Cottage

66 Te Manatu Drive, Huntington North


$299 per couple, refreshments included


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