Manawa Ora Charitable Trust

Manawa Ora is set up to serve women in more vulnerable situations who cannot access the coaching services that would support them to make some positive shifts in their world. I am currently donating my services to The Waterboy which is a local charity that breaks down barriers for all children to be able to participate in Sport. I am supporting some of the mama’s of these children to create some magic in their world as well. I love this work and feel drawn to pursue this more and more.‚Äč

40 WOMEN INSPIRED is my latest project that I have created to allow me to deliver a coaching programme including goodies and treats as well 6 hours of coaching for women you have the desire to make changes to step into the person they always new themselves to be.

If you know a woman who would benefit from having the opportunity to have me love, serve and inspire them, then please contact me to see if they are eligible.

If you are in a position to donate to Manawa Ora to assist in making the magic happen for women in our region who really need a big boost right now, please contact me. This would be much appreciated!