You only know!

We love to talk about our issues and problems and challenges. Searching for someone who understands us, gets us, knows exactly what we are talking about. Sadly we are often disappointed in this pursuit. People don’t quite get it. Don’t quite know what to say. Don’t quite know what to do. It is not their fault. It is not their problem. It is not their responsibility. They are not on our journey.
But in the end, we just feel unheard, even in some cases unseen.
This is a hard place to be in.
This is a lonely place to be in.

Only you know what you have been through.
Only you understand what you have gone through.
Only you can see things from your perspective.
Only you know where your mind goes and what you think about it all.
So it is VITAL that we have got our own backs. That we take time to console ourselves. That we encourage and support ourselves. That we are kind to ourselves and be our own best friend.
And that we don’t give up on others for not meeting our needs. Just be together anyway.